Below is a full list of all the available teachings. Students can find further information about each teaching by visiting the courses' official boards.

Courses Prof. Year Semester
Biometric Systems M. De Marsico I I
Computer Systems and Programming G. Richelli I I
Cryptography D. Venturi I I
Cybersecurity Seminars L. V. Mancini II II
Cyber and Computer Law L. Avitabile I II
Data and Network Security L. V. Mancini I/II II
Distributed Systems G.A. Di Luna I I
Economics of Technology and Management I. D'Adamo I II
Ethical Hacking L. V. Mancini / F. De Gasperi I II
Internet of Things C. Petrioli I II
Malware Analysis and Incident Forencsis L. Querzoni / D'Elia Daniele Cono II I
Mobile Applications and Cloud Computing R. Beraldi II I
Network Infrastructures F. Cuomo/ Marco Polverini I I
Practical Network Defense A. Spognardi I II
Risk Management C. Asaro / S. Zatti II I
Secure Computation D. Venturi / R. Lazzeretti II II
Security Governance S. Bonomi II I
Security in Software Applications F. Parisi Presicce I I
Statistics T. Gastaldi I I
Systems and Control Methods for Cyber-Physical Security F. Liberati II II
Web Security and Privacy F. D'Amore / E. Coppa II I


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The first Semester 2021/2022 begins on September 20, 2021.

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