Cybersecurity Seminars

Prof. Luigi V. Mancini

Course Description
This is not a traditional course but a subsidiary formative activity (called AAF - 6 cfu). In Italy, within the master degree course, students are expected to attend, in addition to traditional courses, also one AAF. This AAF elaborates what previously learned in the master's degree course in Cybersecurity. In particular, it comments on the threats, vulnerabilities and cyber risks that emerge from the latest attacks reported, and illustrates success stories to protect data and prevent any violations of the network or computer systems. Some of the seminars will explicitly cover content of professional ethics.

The exam consists of attending the seminars, and preparing a essay on one of the topics presented in the seminars. In particular:

1, Attendance of students at seminars is compulsory for students enrolled in the second year of the master's degree in Cybersecurity;

2.  Each student must choose a topic from the seminars presented, and submit a written document describing a possible research project on that topic. Students are expected to:

  • understand in detail the topic of their choice
  • explain the innovation of the proposed research project with respect to the state of the art
  • deliver a written research project proposal (about 4 pages+References+Appendices). Indicate on the cover of the report which topic among those presented in the seminars you have chosen. Ask the professor for guidelines on how to organise the research project proposal.

Next Deadline to submit your report: September 18, 2019


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The full list of the seminars can be found here.