The graduation sessions are published at this link.

Graduation Procedure

To obtain the degree "Laurea Magistrale in Cybersecurity", the student must complete the final thesis. The step sequence is the following:

  • thesis request form (at least six months before expected graduation session)
  • final exam application (deadline according to the academic calendar)
  • thesis defense (date defined at least one week in advance).

The thesis is done under the supervision of an internal supervisor, and the same supervisor can assign it, or it can be assigned during an external internship, jointly with an external supervisor (please see Jobsoul).

Internal thesis

In the first case (i.e., no need for an external internship), the student does not have to provide any printed documentation and does not have to physically go to the Educational Affairs Office (in Via Salaria 113, third floor, room 329), as it is sufficient to fill out the electronic Master's thesis request form, as detailed below.

Thesis during the internship

If the graduating student chooses an external internship, the student must follow the standard procedure provided by the Jobsoul website. In particular, the student has to:

  • have obtained at least 60 (sixty) mandatory CFU,
  • choose the Company among those that have an agreement with the Jobsoul platform, and carry out the procedures required by such platform;
  • print three copies of the Training Project form provided by Jobsoul, and sign each copy with the student's signature in addition to the signature of the hosting company and the Chair of the Master's Degree in Cybersecurity;
  • handle over one of the three paper copies to the Educational Affairs Office (in v.le Regina Elena, building E, 4th floor, room 407) of the Master's Degree in Cybersecurity.

Master's thesis request form

Finally, whether the student opts for an internal thesis or an external internship through Jobsoul, the student must fill out the graduation form. Then, the following documents have to be prepared:

  • the authorization to process personal data;
  • the assignment of the internship/thesis, digitalized after being signed by the supervisor;
  • the authorization to the anti-plagiarism control.

Students can find all the modules for the above-mentioned documents at the link Once ready, all the documents have to be uploaded in the google form at The Educational Affairs Office will automatically receive the digitalized files and manage the procedure to lead the student to graduation.

Thesis defense (graduation application)

Once the internal supervisor confirms that the student's thesis will be ready for discussion during the final exam, the student can apply for the graduation session, following this guide: how to apply.

Please note that the Administrative Secretariat verifies each student's Study Plan at the moment of graduation thesis application. To avoid any problem before graduation day, students should verify that their curriculum is consistent with the last Study Plan submitted.

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