Seminar Series: CYBERSURE - CYBERsecurity at Sapienza University of Rome Events

In addition to traditional courses, students are also exposed to innovative content through seminars by invited guests.

Such seminars elaborate on what is learned in the master's degree course in Cybersecurity. In particular, they comment on the threats, vulnerabilities and cyber risks that emerge from the latest attacks reported, and illustrates success stories to protect data and prevent any violations of the network or computer systems.


Practical skills

In addition to a solid basic education, the Master's degree in Cybersecurity also maintains a focus on the practical skills of Ethical Hacking professions. In particular, we encourage our students to participate in a number of practical activities that include:

  1. Team Sapienza in Hackthebox challenges:
  2. CTF (Capture The Flag) hacking team:, more info at the link

To ask more information to join the above teams, please write to our telegram group: