The schedule of the exam dates for 2022/23 is available at the link: Exam Schedule 2022/23



For each Course chosen and approved in the Study Plan, the student has the possibility of attending the following exams:

  • two exam dates during the examination session that follows the end of the lessons (which is in January/February for the Courses held during the first semester and in June/July for the courses held during the second semester);
  • three exam dates in the remaining sessions of the academic year, namely one scheduled in September and two in the other sessions;
  • two additional restricted exam sessions, scheduled in March-April and in October-November of each year.


Restricted sessions

Only students who meet the following requirements are admitted to the two restricted sessions:

a) part-time, parents, and working students;

b) graduating students, namely those students enrolled in the second year, who have to discuss their thesis in the upcoming graduation session;

c) irregular students (i.e. "fuoricorso"), namely those who did not graduate within the regular time;

d) students with disabilities and students with learning difficulties (DSA - Disturbi Specifici dell'Apprendimento).

Students will be responsible for demonstrating their condition in accordance with articles 24, 30, and 32 of the General Regulations for Sapienza students. Working students must provide a document attesting their status as workers directly to the Professor at the exam.‚Äč

To request admission to the restricted examination sessions, students must fill in the online booking form by the first week of October and the first week of March of each academic year, the exact deadline is shown on the form.


Exam timetables

- September 2021  (finished).

- June-July 2021  (finished).

- March-April 2021 (Restricted session, finished).

- January-February 2021 (finished).

- September 2020 (finished).

- June 2020 and July 2020 (finished).

- March 16 - April 16, 2020 (Restricted session, finished).

- January 7 - February 14, 2020 (finished).

- October 7 - November 7, 2019 (Restricted session, finished).

- September 2-20, 2019 (finished).

- June 3 - July 26, 2019 (finished).